Urgent: If You Desperately Need To Save Time, Effort, And Energy While Making Money Online…

“Let Me Treat You Like A Rockstar By Arming You with Unbelievably UNFAIR Online-Money-Making Advantages…”

        From: Justin Spencer, Phoenix,      Arizona

        Subject: Saving You Time, Money,      Energy & Effort!

        Hey, Justin Spencer here...

        And I’m going to start off with a bold statement.

        If you are trying to make money online YOU are at WAR.

        You are fighting energy-draining battles each and every hour of the day…

        Trying to keep your enemies at bay…

        Your enemies who stand in your way are formidable, cunning and resilient…

        Your greatest enemy of all, is none-other than T-I-M-E.

        When it comes to making money online time is the greatest adversary that seems to cripple your efforts…

        Have you felt the painful sting of having to experience a never-ending learning curve?

        I mean seriously…

        You basically, in a nut-shell, have to learn how to do email marketing, web hosting, website development, copywriting, advertising, and on top of all of this…

        You have to KEEP learning more THINGS and FIGHTING against the unstoppable current of time….

        We only have 24 hours in a day and limited energy…

        You might have a family, kids and other responsibilities that demand your time and attention!

        And at the end of the day, you are thinking to yourself how you’ve made no money and only have MORE headaches…

        To the point where you might en route to running to the roof-tops to shout...

“I Just Want To Make Some
Damn Money Online in LESS TIME, Already!”

        Is that really to much to ask?

        Do I seriously have to go through another 2-hour webinar that tells me the the secrets about traffic?

        Do I seriously have to spend endless hours learning HTML, website design and Wordpress just to set up a simple little website?

        Do I seriously need to wait until tomorrow just to fix a slight issue on my website that’s taking support FOREVER to figure out?

        NO! You don't I say! The answers are close, but...

BEWARE: A Dark & Sinister Adversary
Is Brewing In The Cauldron…

        By now you know there are many teenagers & young adults who do not have bills, jobs, or any lifestyle stress for that matter…

        Who can stay at home all day learning how to design websites, and put together successful online business ads…

        These “Young Gunners” as we call them are threatening your opportunity to make money online…

        They are seizing all of the opportunities and are “the first” to take advantage of everything… because they do NOT share your enemy of time… because they HAVE a lot MORE OF IT!

        It’s no secret that the teenage-young-adult "tech-savvy" crowd is quickly beginning to overtake the wealth in the United States and tens if not hundreds of other countries alone…

        All thanks to the internet.

        The Internet is creating thousands of millionaires who are in their 20s and 30s…

        And in the process, it’s creating less moments and windows of clear opportunity for you & everyone else!

        Let’s face it, if you’ve had your fair share of battle, and you’ve tasted blood, sweat and tears and still wear the scars…

        Then you know how hard it is to see others who have not sweated like you’ve sweated seize and reap all of the riches & glory for themselves!

        Now is ONLY time to stake your claim and plot your share!

        You MUST level the playing fields if you are to bring back order, balance, advantage, and income flowing into your life abundantly…

Time Is Not All Lost…
Prosperity Can Still Find You

        In war, the side that has more knowledge, resources and insight about the enemy wins.

        I want to put you on the winning side by helping you take back what you deserve for yourself & your family...

        By endowing you with 10 unbelievably unfair advantages
that will…

Put Your Time, Money & Energy
Back Into Your Life And Let Me
Force Your Business To Work For You!

        Allow me to place you ahead of the competition and position you as the leader & front-runner of the race…

        Outwit the learning-curve and outmaneuver the tech-savvy "Young Gunners" who are turning through every nook and cranny searching for money-making opportunities while you're busy running your life!

        Link arms with a reliable "Young Gunner" like myself who is
"On Your Side!" and fighting your battles with you!

        You need to be well equipped with every weapon in your arsenal as you can in order to secure your future and prosperity…

From Today Forward:
You Will Wield 10 Unbelievably
Unfair Advantages... That Will
Turn The Scales In Your Favor!

Unfair Advantage #1:

“Shooting Star” VPS Website Hosting

We Set You Up With State-Of-The Art
Server Technology To Make Your Website
As Fast As A Shooting Star!

        Read on to see why this even matters!

        Amazon.com, one of the largest e-commerce website’s in the world recently discovered that if their web pages take 1 single extra second to load…

        They can LOSE up to $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS IN SALES Per Year...

        Google recently determined that if their search feature takes only 4/10’s of 1 second longer to load…

        Then they can LOSE up to 7 MILLION SEARCHES per day…

        And millions of dollars per day in PROFIT… in the process!

        So how important is it to have your web pages loading
“SUPER FAST” when you are buying website traffic to grow your business?

        …It’s LIFE or death!

        Right now you may be one of the unfortunate many who are still tied into a “Shared Hosting” program…

        Which is not a level of service to use for anyone SERIOUS about getting SALES on or even LEADS… on their website…

        A VPS is normally $75.00 Per MONTH alone before any set-up fee’s which is why so few choose to take this option…

        The good news is: you won’t pay anywhere near this amount to receive the same powerful profit & sales increasing page load speeds when you go with a Rockstar Hosting VPS.

        What’s more… you will enjoy and experience UNLIMITED domains on your Virtual Private Server (VPS)…

        This means you can host as MANY websites as you want with NO extra fee!

        A VPS is as much as 500-1000% percent faster than common “Shared Hosting” plans peddled by all the ‘other’ companies out there...

        Who are out to make a quick buck and have no idea that you only care about more leads and sales for your business…

You may be wondering...
“What If I Already Have All My Stuff On Another Web Hosting Service?”

        No problem!

        We can backup your websites and then safely transfer them over to our service.

        This process usually only takes 24 to 48 hours and sometimes even less and your sites are never interrupted or taken down during the process.

        It’s a very simple and straight-forward procedure!

Unfair Advantage #2:

The DDOS Hacker Attacker Deflector Shield

We Protect Your Websites From Imbeciles Who Enjoy Spamming Your Websites For No Sensible Reason!

        It’s no secret that Aweber.com & Getresponse.com among many other major websites have been literally shut-down for as long as 5 days or more in just 2015 alone!

        The tech-savvy Hackers out there don’t care if you are spending tons of money to drive traffic to your website to make more sales and grow your business…

        They’ll attack your servers without warning and shut all of your websites down without you asking for permission…

        And all of that hard-earned money you are putting into your business & advertising is quickly and swiftly going right down the tubes!

        Most website companies do not offer DDOS protection because it’s flat out EXPENSIVE…

        It is as much as $200.00/per month for ONE SINGLE WEBSITE just to get a “base” level of protection from most providers…

        With Rockstar Hosting you are protected by our 99.9% website uptime and protection guarantee from Hackers and DDOS Attacks!

        This a real threat and it’s so costly to manage that many other companies will absolutely not even remotely consider offering it to their customers for FREE.

        I will BOLDLY state that I can make this happen for you.

        Rockstar Hosting will protect you from this sales-decreasing non-sense that you do NOT have TIME for!

        In a nutshell, this one advantage alone in combination with the previous one will make all of your websites:
Faster, Safer and Smarter - Overnight!

Unfair Advantage #3:

24/7/365 Rockstar Service & Support

We Take Your Time & Questions & Problems Very Seriously, Every Time, Every Day.

        Have you ever lingered around in a chat dialogue for 3 hours trying to get an answer to a simple question?

        The PROBLEM is that most of the people you deal with do NOT speak English well and top of this are NOT “Tech Savvy” enough to give you a SIMPLE answer or solution to your question…

        I will GUARANTEE you a same-day response to any questions you have about Web Hosting, Wordpress, Website Design, Website Coding, Marketing or Sales.

        When you deal with myself and my team I put my REPUTATION on the line to provide you will mind-blowingly helpful, speedy and useful service.

        Put your trust in a guy who thrives off of challenges, problems, pressure and adversity.

        I don’t get my kicks by sitting around and silently automating things, I love being directly involved and partaking in solving any challenges any of my customer’s are having.

        As a multi-6-figure marketer myself, I know how important SERVICE actually is, and you will be be hard-pressed to find anyone who can match our level of devotion to your success.

Unfair Advantage #4:

No Confusion, No Contracts
No-Nonsense, Ever.

        Unlike most of the other companies out there who's names we will not reference, our goal is not to trick you into buying stupid add-on's and plug-ins and other "things" you do not need that have nothing to do with your success...

        You don't have to sign a contract or decline 14 offers you don't need after you invest in our service.

        We simply want to make things more simple for you by giving you more value, more protection and less time spent on doing things related to your business & success.

        Many of the other hosting companies out there want you to pay 12 months or more for their service completely upfront…

        And they don’t allow you to pay on a monthly basis that actually suites your budget…

        You don’t have to worry about that for a single second with Rockstar Hosting!

        You can choose to pay annually or monthly and we don’t JACK UP the price for the monthly option nearly as high as the “others” out there who are in it to make a quick buck off of you!

Unfair Advantage #5:

The Automatic "Oops" Fixer!

Ever Have A "Grab A Twix" Moment?
We Duplicate & Back-Up Your Websites
In Case You Delete Something On Accident!

        We know what it's like to be human and make a mistake...

        We all have accidentally deleted something off of our computer that we did not mean to delete!

        Following this event, normally a wave of panic ensues…

        Well you will never have to worry about that for a single second with Rockstar Hosting .

        If you manage to delete any of your files on any of your websites… we have got you covered.

        If a jealous hater-hacker finds your password and leaps into your website and wipes out all of your files... we still have got you covered.

        If an atomic bomb wipes out our server room that was holding all of your website details... you are still covered!

        Every ounce and molecule of your information is backed up to an off-site location to protect your websites from physical or digital attacks by yourself on accident or by another malicious individual…

Unfair Advantage #6:

The Website Express Valet Service

Need Us To Do Your Dirty Work For You?
We Can Register Your Website & Build Your Website For You Or Your Client!

        Are you busy?

        Chances are you ARE!

        You cannot be troubled or bogged down to do a wordpress installation for your website or for your client…

        Or perhaps you need to register a new domain but you are “on the job” doing something for someone else already!

        No problem!

        Just kick us an email with a few of your details and 50 word description of what you want done and my competent personally-trained team with GET IT DONE for you!

        Who knew you could have a website hosting service that will valet your technical creation projects for you?

        Well, we do!

        And we pride ourself in making sure it meets your criteria.

Unfair Advantage #7:

The Squeeze Page Valet Service

Want A Fresh & Highly Optimized Squeeze Page?
We Can Hand-Craft & Design A Pre-Tested Email Capture Page For You, On Demand!

        Do you want to have the sharp and seasoned eyes of a multi-6-figure marketer at your disposal to make your messages compelling selling machines?

        My highly trained self & team will hand-craft a proven and unique email capture page for you and link it within your funnel and auto-responder… On Demand!

        Let us take care of your lead generation conversion percentages…

        No more staring at charts and graphs and data all day long…

        Let us do that for you!

        Take advantage of this service and see dramatic boosts in leads in sales in your business… right out of the gate!

Unfair Advantage #8:

Rockstar Hosting Affiliate Program

Want Easy Money?
Promote Our Service And Get 40%
Monthly Residual Commissions
Per Person For Life!

        No that was not a typo.

        We believe no other company on Earth offers such a profitable affiliate partnership agreement for VPS website hosting.

        We believe no other company offers everything we offer for the price we ask in return.

        We take a ton of pride in being able to do WAY more for you with WAY less of your monthly capital then you might already be paying…

        At Rockstar Hosting we are firstly, no-nonsense when it comes to providing remarkable service and secondly, we believe in rewarding people GREATLY for referrals.

        If you LOVE our cheeky, sassy and annoyingly reliable devotion to your success then promote us an an affiliate and earn mind-blowing commissions you just won’t find anyone else…

        It’s dangerously & deliciously simple.

Unfair Advantage #9:

The Lifestyle Liberation Inner Circle

Are Your Clicks Turning Into Quality Leads?
I’ll Teach You How To Get More Leads To Make Your Dreams No Longer Dreams!

        In my time spent online, I’ve created over 43 unique & verifiable marketing success stories from wet-behind-the-ears newbies to experienced vets in the online space…

        No matter how good you think you are doing, I can help you do even more, or better!

        And if you need help and know it, I"m here to help!

        With over $1,000,000 in sales generated over the years from my own online businesses I’ve gotten pretty good at Marketing and I can SHOW you what’s worked and working for me right now!

        Ethically steal my techniques, strategies and tactics to place into your own campaigns and reap the rewards with full-access to my Lifestyle Liberation Inner Circle Training Program.

        This is normally $59.95/month… you get this 100% free when you sign up for our Rockstar Hosting Service.

Unfair Advantage #10:

“Triple Your Profits By Tonight” eBook

Are Your Leads Turning Into Sales?
I’ll Show You How To Get More People To Trust You And Buy Your Stuff!

        Demonstration is the best way to discover small secrets that lead to massive increases in sales…

        Let me show you exactly what has worked for me thousands of times to close thousands of small to super-high ticket sales…

        The sales are 100% closed by my websites for me… while I sleep…

        And I want to reveal a unique training to you that shows you how to get this done for yourself.

        I’ll go over the “sales stoppers” and opportunity-seeker mindset along with giving you the simple but rarely understood path to prosperity through increasing sales.

        And that's not all...

        You'll see how 5 characters of HTML text doubled my daily sales and how you can "swipe" this technique and use it by tonight!

        You'll discover the 3 "idiotic" reasons why people do not buy from you 99% of the time... and how to get them stepping over one-another to pay you for your offers!

        You'll see how to create 18% conversion rate video sales letters in 60 minutes or less... even if you've never done it before!

        And More!

The Bottom Line Is This:
You Deserve An Incredible Deal.

“Dazzle And Confuse Your
Competition By Wielding These
10 Unfair Advantages.”

  1. “Shooting Star” VPS Website Hosting:
    Stop losing untold amounts of leads, sales and profits from the sluggish web page load speeds that “shared hosting” offers. Secure State-Of-The-Art server technology to make your pages load as fast as a shooting star!
    ($75.00/Monthly Value)

  2. The DDOS Hacker Attacker Deflector Shield:
    Protect yourself from the relentless attacks that hackers will drop on your websites…have a deflector shield in place that stops the hack in it’s tracks! No more loss advertising dollars sent uselessly down the drain because of someone else’s malicious behaviors! ($200.00/Monthly Value)

  3. 24/7/365 Rockstar Service & Support:
    Our philosophy is to outperform any and everyone when it comes to providing remarkable service. Your problems are our problems. We take your goals, concerns and situations extremely seriously, every time, every day, non-stop.
    ($100.00/Monthly Value)

  4. No Confusion, No Contracts, No-Nonsense:
    We won’t bombard you with tasteless, useless, and distracting ads or offers that won’t do a darn thing for you! Instead we will concentrate our energy only on helping you save more, make more, and work less to achieve you goals.
    ($200 One-Time Value)

  5. The Automatic "Oops" Fixer:
    If you have an “off” day we’ll turn you back on! With our automatic 100% back-up service you are okay to make mistakes. Delete a file or website code? No problem we’ve made a back-up copy for you just in case it’s one of those days.($55.00/Monthly Value)

  6. The Website Express Valet Service:
    There is nothing better than “room service” at a hotel. We believe you should have special services such as website software installation and domain registration and other tedious tasks… done for you! This way you can focus on getting back to making money. ($127.00/Monthly Value)

  7. The Squeeze Page Valet Service:
    Do you need to impress a customer? Or maybe your work-load is heavy and you need us to personally hand-craft you an award-winning-worthy squeeze page to suck more emails into your list from your ad purchases. Send us a note, we’ll get to work and ping you once it’s done.
    ($127.00/Monthly Value)

  8. Rockstar Hosting Affiliate Program:
    Making money has never been so easy. Our affiliate program rewards you immensely for your time and effort spent in promoting our hosting service. 40% monthly residual commissions per referral for life. It doesn’t get any better than that. Believe us, we checked! ($397 One-Time Value)

  9. The Lifestyle Liberation Inner Circle:
    The more leads you get the more money you make. It’s that simple. We don’t want you to just have outstanding service and protection with our hosting… we want you to soar and prosper so you stick with us forever! The LLIC training will force your efforts to yield 2X your ROI when you follow through and take action! ($59/Monthly Value)

  10. “Triple Your Profits By Tonight” eBook:
    Making more sales will change your life. The more money you make the easier it is to enjoy yourself. No one can disagree with that. I’ll save you time by sharing only truthful battle-tested techniques that will force your websites to get more sales… literally overnight! ($97.00 One-Time Value)

Level The Playing Field With This: Competition-Crushing
Total Value:

  1. $743.00 PER MONTH in Total Value!

  2. $597.00 Added ONE TIME Value!

  3. This exact agreement is equal to $1,340.00 upfront and then $743.00 Per MONTH!

But you won't have to pay:

$1,340.00 Up-Front Then $743.00/Monthly

“Yes, JUSTIN! I Want To Arm Myself With 10 UNFAIR Advantages For The Early-Entry Pricing Of Only $39.95/Monthly With the $597.00 Added Bonus, For Free!”

Early-Entry Pricing is LIMITED!

         By now you are taking into serious consideration the unfair edge & advantages that you will wield & possess over your competition...

         Armed with 10 distinct weapons at your disposal everyone else will watch from the side-lines as you increase through the ranks. . .

         Many will wonder how you are able to make more, save more, and get more, in less time and effort!

         However, this outcome comes at a cost and in order for me to keep you ahead of the crowd and in the front of the pack I can only treat a hand-full to the Rockstar Hosting Membership at the special early-entry monthly investment of only $39.95. . .

         If you're still reading this page then you are one of the lucky few who can still take advantage of the Rockstar Hosting Membership and all it's distinct competition-crushing advantages at this unique price. . .

         As soon as the Early-Entry spots are gone, the price will rapidly increase. . .

         And why would someone exit the Rockstar Hosting Membership if they saving and making more money and working less to achieve better results?

         It's a fair question, we can agree.

         Because of our highly profitable affilate program these Early-Entry Spots are going to be taken extremly fast and the pricing will increase for the Later-Entry Rockstar Hosting Enrollee's...

         However, you don't have to worry about this because you will be grandfathered in at the Early-Entry special pricing!

        So wait not and claim your spot or else forever hold your peace and forefit the advantages that very well threaten your own business & success!

In Conclusion: We Say To You
Save More, Make More, Get More
With Less Time, Effort & Risk

        A turning-point in your online business success is being extended to you today…

        You need only reach out and take it...

        Level the playing field by marrying these advantages to the foundation of your online business today to claim the infinite rewards that await you...

        Take control of your future and get out in front of the pack by claiming your 10 distinct UNFAIR Online-Money-Making Advantages…

        Save over $1,200 per month and claim your $597.00 Added Bonuses, For Free!

        Secure your Early-Entry spot with a monthly investment of only $39.95 before our monthly prices double.

        It all starts with one simple click below:

“Yes, JUSTIN! I Want To Arm Myself With 10 UNFAIR Advantages For The Early-Entry Pricing Of Only $39.95/Monthly With the $597.00 Added Bonus, For Free!”

         I'll see you on the winning side,

         To Your Massive Success in Business and Life,

         P.S. Get out of your own way by letting me help you handle your business & progress!

         Leave it up to me and my team to deliver more fire power for you so you can have more time to make more and get more done.

        No where else will you find an offer that promises so much for so little in return when it comes to technical and marketing resources & advantages...

        Attack your opposition with full-force with better resources, better management and more energy.

Let's Do This

         P.P.S. I cannot keep the special Early-Entry investment of just $39.95/monthly available for long...

         It's essential that you stake your claim and pull the trigger to increase your bottom line...

         Make the right choice, and cut out the noise and prosper.

I Am In

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